PRODUCER                      WRITER                   DIRECTOR


    2021   “Synthesis” (Co-producer, Editor) – Short fiction 

    2021   “Yoni” (Co-producer, Co-director) – Documentary

    2020   “New Beginnings” (Producer, Director, Writer) – Short fiction 

    2017   “The god that you are” (Writer) Non-fiction book

               “What it’s like for an autistic person living in a non-autistic World”

                    (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

    2016   “Zach’s Ceremony“ (Additional photography) Documentary

    2015   “Minddog” (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

    2014   "Gambling and My Life" (Co-Producer, Director) – Documentary

               "Bullying at School" (Producer, Director) – Documentary short

               "A Bunch of Roses" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary

               "Dads in Distress" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary

    2013   "Melting" (Writer) – Novel

               "Mary’s Story" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Melanie’s Project" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "CatholicCare " (Producer, Director) – Documentary short

    2012   "Lymphoedema and Liposuction" - (Producer, Director) -      

                    Documentary short

               "Women in Prison" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Moon Bears: The Hidden Truth" - (Producer, Director, Writer) –                 


               "At Any Age"- (Producer, Director) – TVC

               "Cages of Shame” - (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary         

    2011   "It Couldn’t Happen to Me" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short  

               "Ask the Specialist" (Producer, Director) – Longform DVD

               "Blackfellas, Bulls, & Bucking Broncos" - (Co-Producer, Co-Director)   

                   – Documentary

               "Walk to Freedom" - (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary

    2010   "Art of Hope" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Walkin’ Home" - (Producer, Director) – Music video

               "Salem" - (Producer, Director) – Music video

               "Youth off the Streets”  - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Saving Childrens’ Lives" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Breast Examination Procedures” - (Producer, Director) – Longform DVD

               "Honouring Connections" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary

   2009    "Zach’s Ceremony" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Doomadgee Rodeo" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "On The Edge" (Series Producer) – 13-part Documentary series

               "Goal 4 A Goal" (Producer, Director) - Documentary short + TVC

               "Supporting You” (Producer, Director) - Documentary short + TVC

               "The Clear Study" - (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

   2008    "Living Edge" (Associate Producer) - Documentary

               "Every 18 Seconds Someone Will Die" (Producer, Director) -  

                   Documentary short

               "Cancer Council" (Producer, Director) – Training DVD

               "Proactive" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary

               "My Club" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary

               "Nature's Romance" (Producer, Director) – Music DVD

   2007    "AIDS in Cambodia" (Producer) - Documentary short

               "Fold, Wrap or Roll" (Producer, Director) - TVC

               "DNAML" (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "Student2Student" (Producer, Director) – Training film

   2006    "Challenge of a Lifetime" (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "It Happened to Me" (Producer, Director) - TVC

               "I Will Be a Survivor"  (Director, Co-writer) - Documentary

               "Woolaware" (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

               "The Third Stage" (Producer, Director) - Documentary short

   2005    "Bridging the Divide" (Producer, Director) – Documentary short

              "Through a Child’s Eyes"  (Producer, Director, Writer) – Documentary

              "Compared to Us" (Producer, Director) – Documentary short

              "Microsurgery" (Producer, Director) - 3 Special training films

   2004   "Mates" (Producer, Director) – Documentary short

              "Rappin’ Mama" (Producer, Director) – Music video

              "Lean on Me" (Producer, Director) – Documentary

              "All Children in School" – UNICEF/AHCF (Producer, Director) – Music


              "Many Faces, One Purpose" (Producer, Director, Writer) - TVC

              "ADEA" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Information film

   2003   "A Six-year Old Kid With Muscular Dystrophy" (Producer, Director, Writer)    

                     - TVC

              "Because of Us" (Producer, Director) – TVC series

              "Breast Cancer" (Producer, Director) – Fundraising film

              "Ageless Spirit" (Producer, Director) – Information film

              "Finding Joy"  (Producer, Co-director [uncredited]) – Feature film

              "Katie’s Day - Barnardos" (Producer, Director, Co-writer) – TVC

   2002   "The Big Four Oh" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Information film

              "Dimensions in Time" (Director) – ABC-TV program

              "TV Bites" (Assoc. Producer) – TV pilot

   2001   "Just Add Water" (Producer) – TV Pilot             

              "Shoalhaven Mill" (Writer) – Information film

               "Saturday Night" (Executive Producer) – Feature film

   2000   "Earthrhythms" (Producer) – TV pilot

              "The Road to Glory" (Associate Producer) – Channel 9 program

              "The Things We Do" (Producer) – Documentary series

              "The Ties That Bind" (Executive Producer) – Documentary series

  1999    "First" (Producer) – Short drama

              "Quest for Gold" (Producer) – Documentary series

  1998    "Fire & Ice" (Producer) – Documentary

              "The Stolen Children" (Co-Producer) – Documentary

              "A Fairy Tale" (Producer) – Documentary

              "Backyard Frogs" (Co-Producer) – Childrens’ TV series

  1997    "Food, Glorious Food" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Educational film

              "The Ability Trek" (Producer) – Documentary

              National Geographic Television (US) Production Consultant

              "Adding to It" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Educational film

  1996    "Ladybird"  (Series Supervising Producer) – Childrens’ TV series

              "Mayhem" (Producer) – TV pilot            

              "Eat Me! Drink Me! Buy Me!" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Educational film

  1995    "Peacemaker/Peacekeeper" (Producer, Director) – Documentary

              "Incredible Journeys" (US) (Line Producer) – Documentary series

  1994    "The Art of Ken Done" (Producer) – Documentary

              "A Glorious Way to Die" (Producer, Writer) – Documentary

 1993     "Strung  Out" (Producer, Writer) – Documentary

              "Moncur Conservatory" (Producer, Director) – Information film

 1992     "Life's Burning Desire - Paul Mercurio" (Producer, Writer) – Documentary

              "Playing for the Solomons" (Producer) – Documentary

 1990     "Tales of Helpmann" (Assoc Producer) – Documentary

 1989     "Tom Keneally in Eritrea (Assoc Producer) – Documentary

              "Astonish Me - Graeme Murphy" (Assoc Producer) – Documentary

              "Peter Sculthorpe - There's no Time" (Assoc Producer) – Documentary  

              "The Wizard From Oz - James Morrison" (Assoc Producer) – Documentary  

               "A Difficult Pleasure - Brett Whitely (Assoc Producer) – Documentary

              "Joan Carden - the Peoples' Diva" (Assoc Producer) – Documentary

  1988    "The Powerhouse Film" (Co-Producer) – Information film

              "Beginnings" (Producer, Director, Writer) – Short drama

              "Beau Monde" (Line Producer) – TV pilot

  1987    "Sullivan's Story" (Writer) – Novel




As Director


  • New York International Film Festival – Best Director

  • HSUS ACE Documentary Award



As Producer


     ¨  Trento Film Festival (Italy)

     ¨  The International Festival of Mountaineering Films (The Czech Republic)             

     ¨  Banff Festival of Mountain Films (Canada)

     ¨  Poprad Festival, (Slovakia) Grand Prize

     ¨  Graz Festival (Austria)

     ¨  New York International Mountain Film Festival (USA) - Best of Festival      

     ¨  Telluride Mountainfilm (USA)

     ¨  Autrans Film Festival (France) - Grand Prix (Best of Festival)   

     ¨  International Adventure Film Festival (India) - Best of Festival

     ¨  Waterwalker Film Festival (Canada) – Peoples Choice

     ¨  Wet West Film Festival (New Zealand) – Environment and Culture award.