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Cages of Shame
Through a Child's Eyes
Heading 6

The award-winning film about the dire cruelty to over 10,000 bears in China, where the bears are kept in tiny cages for up to 30 years with a tube permanently rammed into their gallbladders (to drain their bile for so-called traditional Chinese medicine), The film features the dramatic rescue of 10 bears and the closing down of a bear farm, with the team traveling over 2,000 kilometers in a convoy. Along the way, with the convoy stuck in the world’s biggest traffic jam, one bear undergoes a spectacular in order to save its life  

Narrated by Peter Coyote.  


47 minutes

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Winner of Best Director award at the New York International Film Festival: Filmmaker Martin Guinness goes on a voyage of discovery to meet seven children who live in poverty in seven different countries: India, Egypt, New York, Romania, Cambodia, Rwanda and Brazil, who share their experiences of life in poverty so articulately while retaining their joyous spirit of childhood. Each child talks about their day - from waking in the morning to going to sleep at night – as well as their hopes and dreams, their beliefs, their feelings about poverty, education, siblings and parents. In the process we see the conditions in which the children and their families live, and we get a strong sense of each country with background scenes redolent with all the sights and sounds of those cultures. The children express a wide variety of emotions and reveal some surprising information


51 minutes 



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A Glorious Way to Die

Winner of 13 awards at international film festivals. High adventure amid the wilds of a remote land. Featuring extraordinary footage of some of the strangest rafting you’ve ever seen. Every year Siberian rafters tackle the incredible rapids and canyons of the Altai Mountains in rivers that claim over 50 rafters each season. As the glacier melt swirls around the rocks throwing the white water high in the air, the rafters negotiate the deadly twists and turns of the river showing rafting rarely seen on film. Highly recommended. Please contact us to view this film.


55 minutes

Strung Out

A stunning documentary film as colourful and vibrant as the orchestra it portrays, taking you on the road and behind the scenes in China, the USA and Australia. A behind the scenes look at what it is like to be a member of a highly-reputed orchestra – from the very beautiful scenes of playing to Chinese audiences to the exhilaration of playing the Kennedy Centre and Carnegie Hall. Also features interviews with conductor, Christopher Hogwood, composers, Peter Sculthorpe and Roger Smalley and musicians, John Williams and Stephen Isserlis.


55 minutes

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Walk to Freedom

The film is an emotional journey as a group of Australians travel to Thailand and uncover the mistreatment of elephants, and then undertake a rescue, a mountain trek and the release of a former trekking elephant to freedom into a sanctuary near the border with Burma. The group go through several trials and tribulations along the way, but are finally able to rejoice in the happy liberation.  


51 minutes

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The Ability Trek

An inspiring film. The wild and wonderful adventures of Jacob Baldwin – who was born with cerebral palsy – as he traveled the length and breadth of Australia for four and a half years at 8Kms an hour to show that there is no obstacle that a person using an electric wheelchair can’t overcome. Along the way we get to see some of the Australia that isn’t often shown. The story ends in glory as Jacob meets and marries the woman of his dreams.


55 minutes

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A moving account of what it was like to serve in United Nations peacekeeping forces in Cambodia and Somalia. But what is it like at the "sharp end"? What happens to a young man or woman who might never have been outside their own country before?  How do they re-adjust when they return home? In often emotional interviews Peacemaker/Peacekeeper calls upon the recollections of members of these forces. This is a very poignant and compelling documentary, illustrating the UN forces' interactions with the people of Cambodia and Somalia


48 minutes

I Will Be a Survivor

Follows the experiences of three brave women and their families as the women progress through various paths of treatment for breast cancer. understanding the emotional and practical elements of such a journey, and providing accurate information on various treatment options. The women, all of different ages, backgrounds and family situations, each have different experiences   


46 minutes

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Moon Bears: The Hidden Truth

This investigative film features the blatant, illegal anaesthetizing of a bear in order to drain its bile. There are over 4,000 bears in bear farms in Vietnam, some trapped in such tiny cages that they can hardly move. The condition that these bears are kept in (as in China) is incredibly cruel. But, in Vietnam, rather than having a catheter permanently imbedded, the bears are repeatedly punctured with a large needle to draw out the bile. The film also shows bears that have been freed from captivity.

Narrated by Peter Coyote


24 minutes

Playing for the Solomons

Filmed during play-offs for the 1994 World Cup. the film follows the events as the unspoilt, people of the Solomons meet a highly trained and vastly more experienced adversary of the Australian Socceroos. Their determination to do the best for their team and their country and to make it to the big time serve as an inspiration to anyone who dreams of representing their country. Millions of dollars are spent by teams around the world in their attempts to win this prestigious event. But for one of the smallest and poorest nations of the world, the big league is not supported by state-of-the-art training facilities or multi-million dollar sponsorship deals.


26 minutes

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The Art of Ken Done

A portrait of Australia's most successful artist, together with his family and friends including the writer Bryce Courtenay, architect Glenn Murcutt, and musician James Morrison. The film examines the business of being Ken Done, including the design business, and follows him as he meets up with his adoring fans in Japan, as well as to Fiji where, in relaxed holiday mode, he gets many of his creative ideas


53 minutes

Life's Burning Desire 1.jpg
Life's Burning Desire

Follows Paul Mercurio and his dance company, the Australian Choreographic Ensemble, in the creation of their dance piece "Contact". In an insightful exploration of the creative genius of Paul Mercurio, the film explores Mercurio's vision as a dancer through his experiences in the development and performance of "Contact", a new dance theatre and multi-media piece incorporating original music and film, set to the sounds of fire. The piece, which deals with confrontation, conflict and competition, was created through a process of workshopping and collaboration between various artists. The creative process behind "Contact" provides the structure for this portrait of an outstanding artist and his work


51 minutes

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A Bunch of Roses

The ancient city of Fes in Morocco attracts to it an exceptional number of women from other countries, a great many of whom have decided to make it their home. One group of women call themselves a Bunch of Roses. The documentary film “A Bunch of Roses” features eight of these women. They have come from Australia, USA, France and Germany, and tell us what originally drew them to Fes and why they now live there. They also talk about Fes itself and what it is like to live in the city’s medina – the highs and the lows. Five are English-speaking and three are French-speaking


47 minutes